We become fascinated with various cultures, such as: Spanish, Russian, Chinese or Scandinavian… But what about this particular culture that crosses borders and is still here, very close, at the same time? The culture that does not speak with sounds, but with gestures? It is the Culture of the Deaf, functioning within a separate community, which remains united by its own language, experiences, traditions, sense of belonging and identity.


With the help of our project “Do Not Be Deaf to Culture – an analysis of the chances and barriers for the Deaf to participate in cultural and artistic life”, we wish to closely examine the tender spots of this linguistic minority against the background of dominant oral culture by carrying out careful research on how effectively the cultural organizations and institutions for deaf people work so far, as well as by verifying deaf people’s awareness, attitudes and motivation towards participation in cultural and artistic life.


This is the first such project that has been implemented countrywide in Poland and is being carried out at two parallel levels, namely: scientific and cultural. Responsible for the scientific part of the project is a research team from Jagiellonian University and experts in surdopedagogy. This research will result in a catalogue of recommendations for assorted institutions (such as cultural centres, non-governmental organizations, libraries, museums, etc.) that ultimately serve to increase deaf people’s participation in cultural and artistic life. Our cultural activities include a series of initiatives promoting the Culture of the Deaf in different regions of Poland.


The project titled “Do Not Be Deaf to Culture – an analysis of the chances and barriers for the Deaf to participate in cultural and artistic life” is financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and implemented by Fundacja Między Uszami and its partner Far Beyond Business. The project will last until December 2014.




Project “Do Not Be Deaf to Culture” is create by people from variety of scientific environment:

Ewa Mazurek – substantive manager

Bartosz Kosinski

PhD Franciszek Czech

PhD Elżbieta Więcek


For more information http://kulturagluchych.pl/m/48-Zespol-projektu





JUNE 2013

Get started! We’ve got a lot job to do! But we’re very happy that we’ve got a donation from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Please be with us for the next 18 months!



It’s time for collecting data and intense work for research team. Reports of these researches will be known in fall of 2014.



Two-days training for ours regional coordinators, who will be responsible for realization focus trials and query research in all over the country.


Watch the movie below to know better our coordinators




Coordinators work hard on query research .

You can see what we ask about in the questionnaire in the sign language in the move below.




We work for over 6 months now!

For the next two months the focus interviews will be taken in the largest cities in Poland.



The focus interviews run! Till now we manage to visit Cracow, Lublin, Warsaw, Poznań,  Łódź, Białystok, Szczecin, Rzeszów, Olsztyn, Katowice and Stalowa Wola.


MARCH 2013

Focus interviews are finished. We want to thank all the institutions, which help us to organize it.

Especially we want to thank people who take part in that research.


Short reassuming:


We want to thank all of You once again!


Now scientist can take their place and go to work – it’s time to analyze the data.

We have to wait a few months for results…


APRIL 2014

Query research are going to end! Ufff…

It wasn’t easy for our regional coordinators , but now we know that 800 people take part in the research.

Thank You all!!!


MAY 2014

Scientist analyze the data and we still have a lot job to do!

There will be a Sign Poetry Festival in Cracow and Deaf Culture Laboratory in Katowice soon.

You can find out more on our Facebook.


 JUNE 2014

It’s the hardest and most important time during the whole project.

Many people work to create Sign Poetry Festival in Cracow at Rotunda Culture Centre, June 28th.





At June 28th in Rotunda Club, Cracow Deaf artists from all over the country could presented their creations, such as sign poetry, performance, pantomime, cabaret, graphics or paintings.

Whole Festival was supported by sign language translators.

Main attraction of the day was contest of Sign Poetry.


You can watch tram advertisment of Sign Poetry Festival.



Find out more and see gallery from Festival. Watch movies from Sign Poetry Contest here







At July 20th in Katofonia Club artists from Śląsk and Katowice presented their art creations.

It was spectacular and unforgettable evening .


More information below.






Results of research from the projectarepresentedasa scientificreport. Additionally, there was created 7"snapshots" or summaries ofthe reportwith conclusions andrecommendations for the7 differentgroups of interest. Scientific reportandsnapshotsare availablein Polish andin English.Introduction to thesnapshotwasalsorealizedas avideos inPolishSign Language(PJM) to the Polishversionandavideos inInternationalSign (IS) to the English version.


1. Snapshot for NGO


2. Snapshot for Cultural Bodies


3. Snapshot for Public Bodies


4. Snapshot for Deaf Society


5. Snapshot for Deaf Artists


6. Snapshot for Journalists


7. Snapshot for PR Experts